Storage of packaged fertilizers and fertilizers in bulk

The storage of mineral fertilizers is an important part of Dunger's production process that affects the quality and safety of its products. We adhere to the rules and conditions of storage that meet the requirements and standards in this area and offer this service to third-party companies.

In the SPC (BIG-BEG)outdoor reception area5,000 tons
Embankment in the warehouseraw material storage site, auger gallery
of raw material distribution
4,000 tons

Key conditions for storage of mineral fertilizers at Dunger

Packaged fertilizers are stored in covered warehouses in bags, as well as in open storage areas in the SPC (Big-Bag).

packaged mineral fertilizers for storage

Storage conditions in a covered warehouse are an important aspect of a chemical company's operations:

списокAn equipped warehouse, dry and protected from moisture penetration, is designed for seasonal storage of 1500 tons of finished products.
списокPlacement of packaged products on a suitable surface – a flat, clean, dry surface for storing bags, without contact with the floor (on pallets), which contributes to normal air circulation.
списокSufficient ventilation in the warehouse to avoid condensation and caking of mineral fertilizers.
списокStable temperature conditions, no extreme temperatures in the warehouse.
списокOrganized storage – stacking mineral fertilizers by product type, which provides access to them for inspection and withdrawal as needed.

Storage in an open area:

  • The site has sufficient storage space – 5000 tons of fertilizers in Big-Bags.
  • Protection against product contamination - use of a cover, storage on special decks.
  • Transportation infrastructure:
  1. Open storage area has convenient access for trucks.
  2. It is equipped with a railway track.
  • Organized security system.

repacking of mineral fertilizers