Production capacities of complex mineral fertilizers - "Dunger" LLC

Dünger's production facilities are located in the Rivne region, allowing us to manufacture products in large quantities. We have implemented a unique production process management program that allows us to simultaneously receive raw materials, granulate, pack and ship finished products, thus working ahead of the curve. The production process is constantly being improved.

complex mineral fertilizers

Dünger: comprehensive capabilities of the enterprise

Production capacity40 thousand tons per year
Simultaneous storage of fertilizersup to 8 thousand tons
Employment of specialists50 people

Systematized and well-established production cycle:

список Acceptance of raw materials
список Granulation
список Packing
список Shipment

In addition to our own production, we provide the following services to third-party companies:

  • Laboratory testing - the laboratory controls the quality of both incoming raw materials and finished granulated products at all stages of production. The production is provided with regulatory documentation, technological regulations, and technical specifications.
  • Storage – open receiving area at the IPC, in bulk at the warehouse, in bulk at open areas.
  • Packing – packing stations in the IPC (big-bag) and bags; packing and packaging machine for small packaging (3, 5, 10 kg).
  • Granulation – granulators for single-component and multi-component fertilizers.

granulation of raw materials

Complex mineral fertilizers wholesale from the manufacturer

In our company, you can purchase the necessary complex mineral granular fertilizers in the required volume. Sales are made on the basis of orders in 50 kg sack or 1000 kg big-bag packaging in wagon or auto rates. The cost of products is discussed individually.