Packaging of fertilizer in a bag/big-bag

Fertilizer packaging is the packaging of finished products in durable containers for further storage, transportation and use. This process requires high precision and speed, as well as special equipment and experienced personnel, so the mineral fertilizers produced by the Ukrainian manufacturer Dunger always meet all the requirements and standards.

In the SPC (BIG-BEG)
packing station in SPC (BIG-BEG)23 tons / hour
In bags of 50 kg
bag packing station
15 tons / hour
Small packing (3,5,10 kg)
automatic packing machine
7-22 tons / shift

Dünger offers the following types of fertilizer packaging: in a bag or in a big-bag.

Bag (50 kg)

his is the most common type of packaging, which provides ease of use, storage and transportation of finished products. Durable fabric protects granular fertilizers from external influences.

Big-bag (1000 kg)

Packing fertilizer in big-bag is a convenient and economical way to protect it from weathering and damage. Big-bag is highly durable and resistant to tearing or puncture, and also allows you to optimize the use of storage space, as it can be stacked on top of each other.

granular fertilizers in bags

Advantages of fertilizer packaging from Dunger:

Each client has the opportunity to buy mineral fertilizers in 50 kg bags or in big-bags by contacting the number indicated on the company's website. The cost of products is discussed individually depending on the order volume.