Dünger is a Ukrainian manufacturer of complex mineral and organo-mineral fertilizers

Dünger welcomes customers and offers quality products – granular mineral and organo-mineral fertilizers . The plant specializes in the development and production of fertilizers in large-scale volumes for various crop production sectors, as well as for horticulture, gardening, forestry and landscape design

Our experience with various types of fertilizers in agriculture motivated us to adapt nutrition systems from the professional sphere for "amateur" vegetable growing and gardening.

СGardeners can easily grow vegetables and fruits on their small plots, just like large-scale farmers.

Complex mineral fertilizers for garden plants

Dunger TM fertilizers for growing garden plants are important for the development of the root system, induction of flowering and increase in the quantity and quality of fruits. Fertilizing compensates for the loss of nutrients, improves water regulation within the plant, and increases resistance to stress.


mineral fertilizers for garden plants

buy mineral fertilizers for garden crops

Complex mineral fertilizers for garden crops

We present effective mineral fertilizers for vegetable gardens by Dunger TM.

The fertilizer is used for fertilizing vegetable crops in open and closed ground. It provides additional nutrition at different stages of plant development, increases their resistance to drought and low temperatures, and compensates for the lack of nutrients throughout the entire growth period. Affects protein synthesis, stimulates the activity of plant enzymes. Fertilizers help to increase yields and improve the taste of products, their lightness and transportability.


Complex mineral fertilizers for landscape design

Complex fertilizers for landscape design are an effective fertilizer for coniferous and ornamental plants and shrubs, flower beds and rose gardens, lawn and ornamental grasses. It improves the decorative qualities of plants, stimulates the formation of buds and flowers, and activates the growth of vegetative mass. Increase the immunity and stress resistance of plants.


mineral fertilizers of the Ukrainian manufacturer

Perfectly balanced formula

When applying mineral fertilizers, it is important to consider the balance of nutrients and fertilizer compatibility. That is why we have developed the most balanced formulas possible, which will help the plant to realize its full genetic productivity potential.

DÜNGER — stands for quality assurance, reasonable costs, reliable cooperation and prompt delivery.

All fertilizers produced by Dünger LLC, which are presented on the Ukrainian market, comply with the legislation and have official state registration and a certificate of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources of Ukraine.