Mineral, organo-mineral fertilizers for garden plants

Mineral fertilizers for fruit and berry trees and bushes play a key role in horticulture, providing plants with the necessary macro- and microelements for their health and productive growth. There are also organo-mineral mixtures. They contain components of organic origin, which, in addition to the nutritional function, are able to improve the soil structure.

Complex mineral fertilizer is the most effective because it contains various compounds such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, silicon, sulfur and others. These elements are vital to plants, affecting their ability to resist disease, as well as root development, flowering and fruiting.

If you intend to buy complex fertilizers for the garden, our company DUNGER - a manufacturer of mineral and organo-mineral fertilizers - will always offer an option that will meet your needs.

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Buy fertilizers for fruit trees: important components and their effect on plant development

High-quality tree nutrition is a key aspect of successful horticultural cultivation. One of the most effective means in this direction is complex mineral granulated fertilizers for fruit and berry trees and bushes, which provide plants with all the necessary elements for their health and normal development. Our company "Dunger" LLC - an enterprise for the production of complex mineral and organo-mineral fertilizers - fully meets the needs of gardeners in this direction.

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Dunger universal fertilizer contains several basic mineral substances that are vital for fruit and berry trees and bushes, berry trees, and nut trees. Including:

списокnitrogen is important for the green color of the leaves and stimulation of the growth of shoots;
списокphosphorus - strengthens the development of roots, leaves and the formation of inflorescences;
списокpotassium - regulates water balance, ensures proper metabolism and resistance of plants to stresses and diseases;
списокsulfur - a sufficient amount of which increases the assimilation of nitrogen and phosphorus by the plant, affects protein synthesis and stimulates the activity of plant enzymes.

Also, the composition of fertilizers for fruit trees and berry crops can include microelements, in particular silicon, calcium, iron, magnesium, etc., which improve the assimilation of nutrients.

Natural components, in particular leonardite and humic compounds, which we use to make organo-mineral fertilizers, enrich the soil with organic substances. In addition, they help to effectively retain moisture, which ensures the normal development of garden plants.

Partnership for success: quality fertilizers to accelerate the growth of fruit plants buy wholesale and retail from Dunger

If you are looking for effective fertilizers for fruit trees, berry crops, nut trees, our company Dunger has something to offer you. Our mineral and organo-mineral fertilizers for feeding will perfectly meet the needs of different types of garden plants in different phases of their growth.

The wide range of our products includes not only universal solutions, but also autumn complex mineral fertilizers, which are specially adapted to the needs of plants in this period. They contribute to the comfortable wintering of plants.

The opportunity to buy Dunger mineral fertilizer for garden plants in bulk is a profitable solution for both large garden farms and private farms. We offer:

  • competitive prices;
  • flexible conditions of cooperation;
  • individual approach to each customer.

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In addition, we sell fertilizers at retail, which makes them available to everyone who wants to give their plants the best care.

Try our products and make sure that the domestic production of Dunger mineral fertilizers means quality, reliability and efficiency.