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Dunger LTD is a Ukrainian manufacturer of complex mineral fertilizers, so we share our experience and provide quality additional services to our customers. All work is performed professionally, is of high quality and reliability.

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Dunger's comprehensive services include:

  • Fertilizer granulation: we use innovative granulation technology – a method of compacting that allows us to produce both single-component and multi-component fertilizers.
списокThe 50 kg bags have a durable polypropylene fabric and a polyethylene liner to preserve the quality and properties of the finished product.
списокBig-bag is a large bag made of polypropylene fabric with a volume of 500 to 1000 kg. Fertilizer packaging in a big bag is a convenient and economical way of packaging that provides protection against weathering and mechanical damage, as the bag is highly durable and resistant to tearing, punctures, and abrasion.
  • Fertilizer storage: Another advantage of Dünger is the availability of warehouses for mineral fertilizers, where optimal storage conditions are organized, including temperature, humidity, lighting, ventilation, weather and pest protection. In addition, our company also provides additional services for repackaging mineral fertilizers and placing other companies' railroad transport on our own tracks.
  • Laboratory research: we have our own testing laboratory that controls the quality of products at all stages of production, as well as provides advice and recommendations on the selection and use of fertilizers for various crop production sectors.

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