Mineral, organo-mineral fertilizers for garden crops

In modern crop production, great importance is attached to the use of various fertilizers. Mineral fertilizer for the vegetable garden plays an important role in providing the crops grown on home plots with all the necessary nutrients.

Mineral fertilizers for the garden, which have a specific direction and are developed for certain types of plants and crops, are a source of macro- and microelements that are necessary for their normal development and productivity. For example, a complex mineral granulated fertilizer for potatoes and other root crops contributes to the formation of a strong root system, protects plants from diseases and improves the quality, viability and quantity of the harvest, the presence of Mg (Magnesium) in the fertilizer composition helps to increase the number and size of tubers, and also enhances the synthesis starch

Organo-mineral fertilizer for all types of garden crops promotes the intensification of the development of the root system during the entire vegetation period and makes it possible to provide plants with moisture and nutrients more effectively. This fertilizer is especially suitable for use in arid areas and on depleted soils.

добрива для городу

The optimal composition of mixtures for a guaranteed increase in yield: buy high-quality fertilizers for the garden offered by Dunger

Fertilizers for the vegetable garden, offered by our enterprise for the production of mineral and organo-mineral fertilizers - DUNGER, contain the optimal amount of nutrients. Among them are:

списокNitrogen (N) is necessary for the formation of amino acids, proteins and other organic compounds. It also contributes to the green color of the leaves, stimulates growth and ensures the normal development of plants.
списокPhosphorus (P) is especially important at the initial stages of growth, because it, like magnesium (Mg), is indispensable for photosynthesis, metabolism, formation of the root system, flowers and fruits.
списокPotassium (K) - affects the water balance of plants, their resistance to stressful conditions and improves the quality of fruits. For example, potash mineral fertilizers for onions are absolutely necessary for the optimal development of the bulb itself.
списокMicroelements - these include iron, copper, manganese, boron, zinc and others. And although they are needed in small quantities, these elements play an important role in the course of chemical processes and the synthesis of enzymes.

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Buy organic-mineral fertilizers for the garden from DUNGER: the advantages of cooperation with our company

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