DUNGER mineral and organo-mineral granular fertilizers

Healthy plants and lush beds are the dream of every owner. And it is quite possible to achieve it, you only need to use high-quality mineral fertilizers, the production of which specializes in our company Dunger.

Granulated mineral fertilizers are an important element of farm production, which provides effective plant nutrition and increases their yield. In particular, granular ammonium sulfate is used both in spring and autumn for various types of crops.

Granulated organo-mineral fertilizers are a mixture of an organic component and mineral NPK components that provide plants with complex and balanced nutrition.

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Optimum application for maximum effectiveness: buy granular mineral fertilizers

Correct and timely application of fertilizers is an integral part of agricultural production. And one of the effective solutions for achieving success is DUNGER TM mineral granulated complex fertilizers. They are famous for their production technology and composition, which ensures the maximum effectiveness of their introduction into the soil.

Organo-mineral fertilizers in granules are particularly effective in application, the uniform distribution of nutrients in the soil increases the efficiency of their absorption by plants. Granulated organo-mineral fertilizers, which can be bought at a moderate price, have properties similar to mineral fertilizers, but add an ecological component. They are made from natural components and help increase fertility and preserve the soil.

The decision to buy DUNGER TM mineral granulated complex fertilizers is a rational step for farmers who want to achieve the effectiveness of growing agricultural crops. These tools provide:

  • accurate introduction of the necessary nutrients;
  • increasing productivity and product quality;
  • cost optimization;
  • efficient use of resources.

We confidently declare that DUNGER TM complex fertilizers of domestic production are guaranteed to contribute to a sustainable increase in the profitability of your farm production.

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The best choice for high productivity: buy granular complex mineral fertilizers offered by the DUNGER company

Our company DUNGER is a domestic manufacturer that offers high-quality granular complex mineral fertilizers, which you can buy at the best price.

Dunger mineral fertilizer from the manufacturer is produced using dry compaction technology on high-performance equipment. This process guarantees not only high quality, but also a uniform content of useful substances in each granule.



Our mineral fertilizers are adapted for use on any type of soil, and their formula allows you to optimize costs and maximize the plant's potential.

Do not forget that you can buy mineral fertilizers from us both wholesale and retail. This becomes a profitable option for farmers, agricultural enterprises, owners of homesteads, gardeners, landscapers and florists who value quality, time and efficiency.

Choose Dunger - granular fertilizers from the Ukrainian manufacturer.