Granulation of mineral and organo-mineral fertilizers

We use the compacting method to produce mineral fertilizers. This is a unique dry granulation technology that ensures absolute dosing accuracy, uniform mixing of components and compliance with the nutrient content of the declared formulas. The method allows for rapid changes in the component composition. The manufactured product is convenient for storage, transportation and application.

One-component fertilizersgranulators150 tons / shift
Multicomponent fertilizers
120 tons / shift

What granular fertilizers are produced at Dünger?

We use different types of raw materials for fertilizer granulation.

  • Single-component fertilizers, containing one main nutrient (N, P, K).
  • Multicomponent fertilizers (complex fertilizers), containing a complex of NPK nutrients and can be supplemented with additional beneficial compounds.
  • Organo-mineral fertilizers, containing mineral basic nutrients NPK combined with an organic component, which makes it possible to achieve better results in soil conservation.


granular mineral fertilizers

granular organic fertilizer

Dünger is a company that manufactures complex mineral fertilizers according to modern standards. Advantages of working with us:

  • High quality and safety of fertilizers
  • Wide range of products
  • Individual approach to each client
  • Optimal prices and fast delivery