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Mineral fertilizers are an important component of agricultural production, providing plants with the necessary macro- and microelements. Different types of mineral fertilizers can contain nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, sulfur and others, which are key nutrients for all types of crops and plants.

Complex mineral granular fertilizers are a balanced combination of basic elements, the use of which is aimed at satisfying the needs of plants in nutrition at all stages of development. This allows you to create optimal conditions for obtaining high yields of agricultural crops and increasing soil fertility. DUNGER – Ukrainian-made mineral fertilizers that will satisfy any needs of your farm.

Buy mineral fertilizers: what you need to know for effective plant nutrition

Mineral fertilizers for plants consist of important compounds, each of which performs its unique function:

  • nitrogen - is part of proteins, contributes to the improvement of phosphorus assimilation and is absorbed directly by plant roots;
  • phosphorus - takes part in the processes of photosynthesis, energy conversion, division and growth of cells, promotes the formation of a strong root system, improves the assimilation of moisture by the plant;
  • potassium - ensures the normal course of photosynthesis, enhances the synthesis of carbohydrates and their movement from plant leaves to storage organs.

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In addition, trace elements such as iron, copper, manganese and others are also important, because they act as catalysts for the biochemical processes of plant development. DUNGER TM mineral fertilizers contain an optimally balanced amount of such substances.

Organo-mineral fertilizers combine the advantages of organic and mineral components. The organic component provides an additional source of nutrients, and the mineral components allow you to accurately regulate the concentration of useful elements in the soil.

Granulated mineral complex fertilizers offered by our company "Dunger" LLC have a prolonged effect, which promotes effective growth, vegetation and fruiting. If you need to buy mineral fertilizers in bulk, we always offer convenient terms of cooperation.


Secrets of successful garden and garden care: buy complex mineral fertilizers wholesale and retail from DUNGER

Whether you are an amateur gardener or a professional farmer, proper plant care is essential to get a bountiful harvest. And the main secret of success is complex mineral fertilizers to buy wholesale and retail, offered by our company DUNGER - the leading Ukrainian manufacturer of high-quality plant nutrients.

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Our key feature is the ability to produce complex mineral fertilizers containing more than 5 components in one granule in the optimal ratio. Among our other advantages:

списокhaving its own accredited laboratory;
списокuse of effective dry granulation technology;
списокa team of highly qualified chemists and technologists.

Careful formulation and strict control of the manufacturing process ensure that you receive a product of the highest quality.

If you need to buy mineral fertilizers wholesale or retail, contact us, because our online store of mineral fertilizers for the garden, vegetable garden, landscape design is a wide range and good prices. Therefore, DUNGER is an opportunity to profitably purchase high-quality mineral fertilizers wholesale not only in Rivne and the region, but also in any other region of Ukraine. Make a bulk order today and make sure that we are the best partner!