Mineral, organo-mineral fertilizers wholesale

In agriculture, great importance is attached to the correct feeding of plants and the maximum preservation of soil fertility. Among many means, the most effective for this are organo-mineral and complex mineral fertilizers.

Mineral fertilizers are highly concentrated chemical compounds of the main nutritional elements for plants. According to their composition, they are divided into nitrogen (N), phosphoric (P) and potassium (K).

Organo-mineral NPK fertilizers contain the same chemical elements, but with the addition of an organic component to a greater extent. In addition to feeding plants, they improve the structure and moisture-retaining properties of the soil.

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Mineral fertilizers from the manufacturer Dunger: innovative technologies for an unsurpassed result

DUNGER - complex mineral and organo-mineral fertilizers for garden and garden crops and plants - is a reliable partner of every farmer, gardener or florist. Our company is one of the leading suppliers of quality nutrients on the domestic market.

We use an effective method of making granules - dry granulation. This type of compaction guarantees an even distribution of components in each granule.

Our company offers:

списокpurchase high-quality mineral fertilizers in bulk;
списокensure maximum efficiency and economy of fertilizer use;
списокevenly enrich the soil with nutrients;
списокcreate favorable conditions for the growth and development of cultures.

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If you are looking for mineral fertilizers from a manufacturer, contacting us will be a great solution.

Our company provides a wide range of services for wholesale buyers. We provide storage of both raw materials and finished products in equipped warehouses or on an open site. In addition, we provide services for repacking and re-granulation of compacted fertilizers.

We carefully study the needs of our customers and therefore sell mineral fertilizers wholesale in the Western and Central regions of our country in any volume: from car to wagon standards. At the same time, you can be sure that Dunger fertilizer wholesale means competitive prices and an individual approach to each client.

Buy mineral fertilizers in bulk: Dunger is always the best offer for your business

If you are a farmer, the owner of an agricultural holding or a retail store and are looking for an opportunity to profitably buy mineral fertilizer wholesale or in small batches, our company "Dunger" LLC will be a reliable business partner for you:

  • for farmers and agricultural companies, we offer flexible payment terms and prompt delivery, and if necessary, product storage;
  • for the owners of specialized shopping centers and shops, we have quality fertilizers for the garden and garden, landscape design, which are guaranteed to satisfy your customers.

To get more detailed information on how to buy mineral fertilizers in bulk from the Dunger company, terms of delivery, prices and delivery options, please contact our sales department using the contacts indicated on the website.

Also take advantage of the opportunity and familiarize yourself with the wide range of our products in order to make the right decision to buy granulated organic-mineral and mineral complex fertilizers in bulk at Dunger.